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We provide uniquely tailored-made services to improve you look and healthy hair using natural products free from side-effect.


We do all types of dreadlocks we do are as follows
Twistlock, Afrolocks. Nubioanlocks, Sisterlocks, Threadlocks, Extensionlocks, braidedlocks, Cultivated dreadlocks, Natty or Bobo dreadlocks, Combinglocks, Shankor dreadlocks, Nappylocks, Shampoolocks, Weavinglocks, Palmrollinglocks


Hair Cut (Barbering)

We do hair cut of all types and design services
Any style ofyour chioce
Sporting-waves etc


Operation and Management of salon
Maintaining natural hair with natural organic products
Styling, cutting and grooming the natural locks of the individual client
Treatment of damaged hair, hair breakages and losing hair
Training on how to use Mikesh's herbal organic products to maintain all hair



Manufacturing and Sales of Hair Products

We manufacture and sale the finest natural hair products for all generation. Our various hair products re purely natural made from herbs.

- Mikesh Shampoo
- Mikesh Healing Oil
- Mikesh Oil Hair Shine
- Mikesh Locks and Twist Cream
- Mikesh Herbal Hair Conditioner
- Mikesh Super Wash

- Mikesh Hair Pomade
- Mikesh Hair Fertilizer

Introducing the new face of Mikesh Hair Products



Check out our sales outlest throughout the regions

0208060930 WA
0556404218 BOLGATANGA
0245688579 BEBIANI
0273951255 DUNKWA-ON-OFFIN
0244298289 TAMALE
0241408208 TAKORADI
0244204692 TEMA
0209438859 KOFORIDUA
0546395300 CAPE COAST
0242726731 HO-HOHOE
0242301130 KASOA
0248045591 SUNYANI
0544481254 SOMANYA

Rental of Training Centre

We have training room for rentals

- Good location
- Easy Access
- Fitted with chairs and tables for training


Mikesh Music Production

Michael Ayikwei Afutu (Mikesh) is a Ghanaian musician with combine years of experience in music.

Michael Ayikwei Afutu's musical background

My name is Michael Ayikwei Afutu (Mikesh), owner and CEO of Mikesh Crown Salon.
I am a Ghanaian and I love to make good music for the listening pleasure of my funs.

Watch my music clip below


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