Mikesh Crown Salon is indigenous Ghanaian company providing exquisite hair care solutions to its clients in Ghana and other African countries like Benin and Uganda.

Mikesh Crown Salon has been existing for years. We do haircut, shaving, washing, locking of hair and twisting of natural hair. Our interest is to beautify ,and encourage africans to wear tthier natural hair and stop using chemicals in thier hair, also to teach and educate people on how to keep their hair natural.

The name Mikesh originated from the real name of the founder Michael Ayikwei Afutu a native of Ghana. Mikesh has been in operation since 1990 from barber to musician from musician to beautician from beautician to locktician and now a herbalist.

Mikesh also specialized in organizing training for people in Ghana and other African countries. We provide service to all class of the Ghanaian populace.

By dint of hard work, Mikesh has three main branches to his credit in Accra and Kumasi which is well equipped with dedicated staff providing nothing but quality hair care services to its clients. We are specialist for natural hair care and natural herbal organic products.

A walk through History

Back in the days before and after independence in Ghana, we were not doing our hair in salon as our salons at that time was a woman behind a table and on the table was a bowl and in the bowl was a piece of rag with combs fixed around it. The woman was braiding our natural hair.

Our barbering salon was a man under a tree with a piece of mirror hanging on the tree and chair for the barber holding scissors and shears for hair cut. What Mikesh is doing is bringing reflection of the past where dreadlocks and natural hair is the order of the day.


Our philosophy is to build notions of pride and indignity among Africans through natural beauty and hair care. Africa have been subjected to disparities including the idea that their natural hair texture are ugly and spend so much money on dangerous use of chemical products to straighten and damage their hair.

We see this as another form of assault on the dignity of Africans.  Our philosophy is that Africans are beautiful as they are and that their natural hair deserves proper treatment and respect.


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